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Hard work and fun; how often do those two go together? They do with Sky High Sports Trampoline AIR-obics. AIR-obics is low impact, fat-burning exercise that improves balance and coordination as it energizes you... and it is just plain fun!

Studies show that an hour of jumping on a trampoline burns over 1,000 calories. It is the most efficient cardio you will ever enjoy!

The AIR-obics workout consists of moves from many different workout activities; it also incorporates some moves that can ONLY be done on a trampoline. Our classic AIR-obics class is a 50 minute workout that will leave you breathless and exhilarated. AIR-obics is a new way to work of the extra pounds or just to tone up and feel good. This isn't just aerobics, this is AIR-obics!

Why Sky High AIR-obics?

Sky High Sports provides and excellent training environment for people of almost any age. Our trampoline-based exercise program is designed to develop lean body mass, reduce body fat and build muscle. This is achieved by exposing the participant to a dynamic yet stable platform; the trampoline. This low impact training tool allows people of nearly any fitness level and weight to exercise in a way that is safe and effective.

Performing the various trampoline and floor exercises back to back allows us to conduct our cardio-respiratory training and our strength training simultaneously thus saving you time and maximizing results. Our interval style anaerobic training utilizes the latest concepts in sports medicine to help you achieve the following and more:

Superior Core strength and stabilization
Neuromuscular coordination and efficiency
Lower extremity proprioception
Spatial orientation and balance
Cardio respiratory power and endurance
A lean healthy body.

Woodland Hills Weekly Class Schedule
Instructors: Sam & Sophia

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

 7:00pm 7:00pm
 7:00pm 7:00pm
 8:00pm  8:00pm  8:00pm 8:00pm

Valencia Weekly Class Schedule
Instructor: Howard
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
 9:00AM    9:00AM    9:00AM    
 6:00PM  6:00PM  6:00PM        

Camarillo Weekly Class Schedule
Instructor: Angel
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
 6:30PM    6:30PM        

Our regular price is $10.00 per session for walk-ins, guests and participants that are not taking advantage of our package pricing. Even as we encourage you to call ahead and register, we will always welcome you at any of our classes.

In addition to our walk-in rate, we have two pre-paid Session Pass packages, and a Monthly Pass package.

The Session Pass Packages
These passes are good at all Sky High SoCal locations and all programs, including classic AIR-obics, weight loss AIR-obics, and nutrition classes.

The 20 Session Pass: $120- 40% Savings
The 10 Session Pass: $80- 20% Savings

The Monthly Pass Package
Our monthly pass package is designed for the folks that are committed and want the best value for high frequency participation. If you can attend the recommended 3 sessions per week, you should definitely get a money-saving monthly pass. This pass is good at all Sky High SoCal locations and all programs, including classic AIR-obics, weight loss AIR-obics, and nutrition classes.

The Monthly Pass: $96

Special Considerations
If you are a Mom with kids, let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you, even getting your kids jumping with you. They love it, and so will you.

Moms with Kids- Mom and first child (Must be 8 or older): $10.00
Moms with Kids- Each additional child (Must be 8 or older):$5.00

This is unsupervised unless the child can actually jump in the class with the instructor and Mom

Please Note- Any participation of minor (must be 8 and up) is at the discretion of the instructor.

Our AIR-obics passes NEVER expire.
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